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... and my exhibition at the
"Alten Zollhaus (Old Customs House) zu Wachenheim"

Front of the "Altes Zollhaus" in Wachenheim

Not for nothing it says: Great things are casting their shadows. For the Koku-weekend in April 2012 in Rheinhessen, this was true for sure.
The initiator Lisa Winter - we met on the platform mygall - fulfilled her dream with this huge event ... and I supported it, while I was there.

The entrance area... and a beautiful room above.But I showed my work not only on the 21. + 22. of April. About a month longer, I presented my work in the Old Customs House in Zellertal, only about 15 km west of Worms. What impressed me here was not only the atmosphere of the premises, but the straightforward and open way of the owners. I have been treated there so caring how I ever could have imagined any better.
Many thanks to my hosts:
Barbara und Gerhard Bodin ! My hosts: Mr and Mrs Bodin

In addition, the culinary aspect is definitely worth to stop there.

Even though it will not always be on my way, I hope to stop there again. And I'd like to say thank you to Lisa Winter, because of her Koku-dream I probably would have never been to Wachenheim!

comfortably enjoy coffee... ... or other goodies.

And my first interview with KoKu: KoKu interview (PDF about 650 KB)

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