Give pleasure and variety

Winter-Exhibition at the Nursinghome "Nis Puk" in Klanxüll

If the prophet can not come to the mountain ... From my own experience I know how it is when you are no longer able to do what you want. And my heart tells me to work against this sad fact, so I bring some of my work of art to the inhabitants of the nursing home near by. Changing exhibitions was an idea of the manager and is organized by a very commited lady. The big response keeps you waiting for the next possibility.

I hope to give a little variety, entertainment and joy to the resident of Nis Puk, so that they don't have the feeling of missing something, because there's no other choice.

Those who think that this was a pity tour, I want to disappoint. Nis Puk has a good reputation and why shouldn't I do something for my fellow man with my options?

And who knows, maybe someday I have to go in a nursing home and then I would be happy if I would be treating well. Not like standing on the sidelines while the world only on TV passes by.

Or what do you think?

This exhibition was from December 2010 to February 2011 in the "Country house Nis Puk", Toft 2 at Klanxbüll.

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