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Exhibition at the "Infocentre Wiedingharde"

The exhibition at the information center Wiedingharde in Klanxbüll - the last station before Sylt - is completed.
As a pioneer, I have integrated into the existing, professionally crafted exhibition entitled "Journey through the Wiedingharde," some of my work. It was a challenge to which I was very happy. It was as it were, an exhibit in the show and it worked. Many positive comments confirmed me being an enrichment.
After all, I was also a pioneer for further inquiries, as the director of the Information Centre told me. Well, if nothing is ...

Thanks again and good luck for all the following artists.

At this point I 'd also like to thank the Nordfriesland Tageblatt for the article "Love to the native landscape" by May 14, 2010 for this exhibition. Unfortunately the publishing on this site is no longer allowed because of a new regulation in the performing rights.

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