Exhibition at the
"Amt Südtondern" at Niebüll

Although the last exhibition is not yet long, I've found a new little place for an other cross section of my exhibits. On the great big walls of the office of Südtondern I wanted to offer something from spring and summer by chosing the subtitle " With fantasy into the summer".
And as if the Weather-God had heard it, the weather on the opening day was too nice to go into a building... Mr. Ewaldsen as the office director, made a short, but ceremonious speech. And, moreover, my special guest, children's book author Mrs. Cornelia Zahn who had specially arrived to this occasion from the Harz mountains gave a big pleasure to me. Thus it became a nice, almost quite informal event, in which all persons, against expectation on account of the weather, stayed and celebrate with me.

With the opening speech

With the opening speech

Finally I'd like to thank: Mr. Ewaldsen for the nice speech, Mrs. Andersen who has looked after me on the part of the office, Mr. Wrege for the well placed and detailed article as well as my both sweet drink fairies - ladies, you did a great job! . . . and always my lovely husband!!!

Poster of the exhibition

At this point I 'd also like to thank the Nordfriesland Tageblatt for the article by April 11, 2009 for this exhibition. Unfortunately the publishing on this site is no longer allowed because of a new regulation in the performing rights.

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