Exhibition at the NIC -
the Northern Frisia Innovation-Center

Starting something new: After well one-year-old break, causes by move, rest court renovation (lasts in ...) and the need to settle down first of all again, I have introduced myself for the first time in Northern Frisia , more exactly said in Niebüll, with my exhibits and the subtitle " ... not only for shiny days". This debut-exhibition with autumnal-wintry main focus is also or just something for murky days. The opening on friday, 12th of September was a relaxed and as much as possible unconventional arrangement: Mrs. Elke Kirchner, centre manager of the NIC, found in a crisp address exactly the right words (again thank you very much!) and invited all guests after the official part to a little drink.

Centre-Manager Elke Kirchner and I

Centre-Manager Elke Kirchner and I

And, although there are so many art arrangements in Niebüll, the press as well as local celebrities gave me the honour (also to you many thanks!).To chat with me was often taken up pleasantly and also the feedback was impressive for my debut here.


The picture shows the poster to the exhibit.

And here once were two great articles to my exhibition. Unfortunately I can no longer publish them due to the new performing rights. At this point anyway thanks to the authors. Who still wants to read the articles, will surely find them in the archive of the Nordfriesland Tageblatt by September 20, 2008 titled "Adopted in the image - exhibition in the NIC" and in the weekly news on the side of Südtondern from October 19, 2008 titled "Opening of the exhibition in the NIC - Patti Karfurkes little gallery".

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