Art festival Helgoland 2006

From 21.Juli 2006 to 09.September 2006 there was the festival of arts on the North Sea Isle of Helgoland. This happening has as a motto "Art is an island".

In addition to this, the intern. artist group Paradox® celebrated its 10th anniversary as well. And with a lot of fun and various honours, as for example Madame Gu Yingzhi, China, the Prime Minister of Schleswig - Holstein - Peter Harry Carstensen and the patron of the arrangement, Mr. Dr. Rossmann, MdB and many more.
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I exhibited some of my works at the "Terrassencafé" Krebs, Norderfalm 322a with a supernice and professional owner.
Here with a dreamlike view you can eat, by the way, also well and favourably!

Enough of many words, here are a few photos in addition.

Inside view of "Terrassencafé Krebs", Helgoland The owner of "Terrassencafé Krebs", Harlich Krebs and me
Calligraphy course with Mdme. Gu Yinghzi, with me as an onlooker Inside view of "Terrassencafé Krebs", Helgoland
Final celebration, Chief of the Bar - Raymond and me are managing the drinks
Group photo of the participant artists
Poster Helgoland 2006

The picture shows the poster of the festival.

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