Advent exhibition "Art & Cuisine"
at the restaurant Tilman Riemenschneider Haus
at Osterode

From 27.11.2005 (1st Advent) till 08.01.2006 a special exhibition had taken place. It combined culinary delights with my latest works.

You could explore the titbits, especially created for this exhibition by Mr. Rabold, while watching my works.

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The opening:

The 2nd mayor made such a captivating speech... we were raptly listening ...

The 2nd mayor made such a captivating speech,
so we were raptly listening ...

This is one of the creations of the chef

This is one of the creations of the chef.
If you want to know, witch of my works applies to this dessert,
you should visit the exhibition...

The final:

Mrs. Schaake, Michael Rabold and I

Get ready for a last foto - showing speaker Mrs. Maria Schaake and
chef Michael Rabold.

By the way, many thanks for the pleasing professional cooperation!

Meanwhile all guests were sitting at their tables enjoying a cup of coffee and a piece of cake by watching the beautiful sunset
- there was no way to take a foto, sorry!
But not only the guests were impressed of my activity, also the regional press obviously found admiration from the beginning till the end. There appeared many detailed and warmly worded articles in various media. But unfortunately it applies here too, as with the other exhibition reports, that I can publish these great articles no longer on my site so easily due to a new regulation in the performing rights. But what about archives? Therefore, once again with a veeery big thank you linked, the note for an archive search is here: 22.11.2005 and HarzKurier 01.12.2005, 13.01.2006.


The picture shows the poster of this exhibition.

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