Exhibition at the
"Ritterhaus-Museum" of Osterode

Logo des Museums im Ritterhaus der Stadt Osterode

Place of the event:
37520 Osterode, Museum im Ritterhaus, Rollberg 32

From 10. Oktober to 29. Oktober 2004

Exhibition was a success!

Mayor Klaus Becker

On 10.10.2004 our new mayor Klaus Becker made a very humorous and good speech, to launch the exhibition. It was a nice and casual athmosphere.

Almost 40 people interested in arts were my guests at the launching party, and they stayed a long time after the official part. Also the local newspapers had sent some reporters, so I had to answer a lot of questions...
One of the reporters decided to use my nickname "Patti" for official reporting. So I'll be "Patti" for the future.

group photo
The winners

We made a drawing of lots and Britta Lowin from our local ballett school was the good fairy. All of the three winners assured, that they had a lot of fun with their gifts, a puzzle with one of my paintings.

Accents of the "Blumeninsel Osterode" had liven up the exhibition.

Table with cards

Special thanks for supporting this exhibition to: "Fremdsprachen für Kids" and EP:Pahl !
Of course, there were also many beautiful and extensive press clippings of local "Kornmagazin" and the "HarzKurier" to this exhibition, and for that I thank you warmly. But unfortunately I cannot publish them the way I did, because of the new regulation in the performing rights. For those, who are still interested in reading, you may find the articles in the respective archives with the following information: Kornmagazin 01.08.2004, HarzKurier 15.09.2004, 14.10.2004 and 23.10.2004.

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