Campaign for the benefit of new benches in Osterode (Harz Mountains)

Bench before    Bench after

The bench campaign is finally (!) finishished.

bench bought at the auction at the company Eisenhuth in Lerbach4 of the 10 styled benches have been bought by an auction and found a new home. And my bench is one of them! You can see it at the Eisenhuth GmbH at Osterode-Lerbach.

"Godmother of the bench" at the company Eisenhuth: Mrs. Hickmann-Morell

A creative competition, whose target was to collect money with an auction of artistically designed benches for "real" outdoor benches in the square of Osterode.
This much ado was held in the press to attract sponsors for the material and designer for the art benches.
One of the designers I was, the material was donated by the local OBI DIY store.
The auction was a success in several ways, firstly because not all the banks were bought, but mine. And secondly, these large-scale action actually brought money for new seats together.
However, the full press articles, I cannot offer more on my side, unfortunately, because of a new regulation in the intellectual property right. But who needs to know anyway may find the following articles on this subject in the appropriate archives:
Korn-Magazin 4/2004, Korn-Magazin 1/2005, HarzKurier 12.02.2005, HarzKurier 07.09.2005, HarzKurier 14.10.2005, Echo am Sonntag 16.10.2005.

It was a great pleasure for me to be a part of this campaign...

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