The NDR contest
(a big TV and radio station in germany)

So, I was sent to the Devil. More specifically to Heinz Teufel, a renowned photographer of Rendsburg. The big TV and Radio Station NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk) invited the first 15 winners of the photo competition to a weekend workshop in the Academy Sankelmark at the Lake Sankelmark. Academy Sankelmark near Flensburg I still wasn't in this corner of our beautiful country, where I now arrived with anticipation, but also with a degree of skepticism. Finally, my technical knowledge as well as my photographic equipment were not necessarily noteworthy. But, as is often the case, all thoughts were unnecessary.

Professional photographer Heinz Teufel Heinz Teufel turned out to be special brand, and this not only because of his technical claim. The Group of participants was in a good mood and I did a lot of nice talking.

Ship mirroringAs a result this Workshop won't make me to a professional - at least not so soon :-) But that's not what I try to become in the first place - only just getting better.
broken tree stump
But it was already worth to dive for 2 days in a completely different world. And if I actually win such a contest once again, then I'd really like to be sent to "hell" again... and I think the others feel the same.

Group photo of the workshop participants - including Heinz Teufel and Jürgen and Vasco Grossmann from the NDR

Many thanks for the authorization to publish individuals as well as the free use of group photo.