Projects and commissioned work

To answer the question of my further creative engagement, I'd like to show you some other works:

Book cover of my first book

I did it:
My little stories have gathered in a book, which is available now - unfortunately only in german.
Maybe someone likes to translate...?

Like an island: a stone in a puddle

Another playground for me -
the photography.

Once upon a time...

Where the painting ends...

Front of the new postcard of Emmelsbüll-Horsbüll

Out now! The new postcard from Emmelsbüll-Horsbüll.

Morning mist at the koog - 5th place at the NDR photo competition 2012

With this photo I won the 5th place at the big NDR photo competition "Schleswig-Holstein im Winter" 2012!
And then...
... I had a "rendezvous" with the devil!

Front of the postcard of Emmelsbüll-Horsbüll

Now we've got a postcard with motifs of our nice "holiday resort".

Please cklick on the picture to get some more informations.

Bookcover "Die Spielzeugfee"

As a follow-up order I created the envelope pictures and all the drawings inside for this book.

Please click on the cover to get further informations . . .

Bookcover "Die Pirateninsel"

For this book I made the envelope picture and 10 drawings inside.

Please click on the cover to get further informations . . .

Bookcover "Treffpunkt Keller"

As a participant of the author's competition "Osteroder Erzählfrühling" (Osterode narrative spring) my contribution - the short story "And if you think, nothing more goes…" - was published in the winner's history of the book "Treffpunkt Keller" (meeting place basement).

Logo Paradox

Paradox is a free interest group of various artists with international activities.

I'm a member of this "crazy"
and unique community.

On the photo we show "experimental art":
Me as a JoJo of the Paradox-member Eddie Linner.

Welcome to "Paradox"

Charity projekt:
Wego bench campaign
... and that's my gift!

My styled bench...

You see, I don't dare to get near to different works. If you're also interested in works "made by Patti", I'm looking forward to your ideas.