The Dream of my own gallery

There are so many interested and curious people asking me over and over again about the construction of my gallery. Sometimes it is very difficult to describe without using photos. Thus I decided to create some kind of documentation.

It is rather a story which will hopefully have a happy end. But this will still last quite a while, because the source state of the object of desire was decades of neglect. In addition to the temporal aspect, the renovation of a rest court is not only cost-intensive, but is often also dependent on weather. Also there are setbacks by the surprises which appear usually at older houses.

But, don't worry that my artistic work will be touched. That won't happen. And if you'd like to visit me, do it. You can take a look at the photos on this side before to be not so shocked, if you come here. Please remember: The light of the being not always controls it. In this sense I hope, you remain interested and firmly keep the fingers crossed for me, so that we soon can meet in my nice little gallery.