About me

That's me My husband and I Since 2004 I'm actually working as a freelance artist !
But I had a life before...

Born as a "North-Sea-girl" many years ago (a woman never tells her true age...), I'm not as cold as the cliché wants us to believe.
In my youth I moved to the Rhineland. After almost 12 colourful years of apprenticeship in the Rhineland, I also found my biggest vice- my husband.

We followed our way to the small town of Osterode (in the Harzmountains of Germany) in 1998. Also my artistical life went its own way.

It was only consequent to realize one of my dreams and turn my paintings into a career. I love being creative in different ways and take whatever inspires me. E.g. writing short stories, ballroom- & Linedancing or torturing my saxophone.

Because of my experiences in the technical job I did first and my volunteer work as a firefighter, I hope, I won't become an out - of - touch and cranky artist... . But nobody knows, because I'm also a member of the international artist group

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In 2007 we've come full circle, because I moved back to the very north of germany - my home!

Our region

What inspires me?

All in life. I recognized that important things don't even have to be big.

Motivation and objective?

I want others to dream a little and inspire them, because life often is a daily grind.

Why I rather call myself an artist?

The expression "artist" has more creative scope than "painter".

And what I do more?

To answer this you may take a look to the following projects.

And now have a lot of fun!

Special thanks to my private technician, "test person", biggest fan and reviewer: my husband Markus, for making all this possible.